Launch Pad receives Canadian Welding Bureau certification

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Launch Pad receives Canadian Welding Bureau certification

HANOVER, ON - August 23, 2021: Launch Pad Youth Activity and Technology Center in Hanover, ON received its Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification on July 16, 2021 with the help of a large donation from the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW) and its members.

This is important to welders as they need to renew their CWB certification every two years after completing their apprenticeship. CWB sets the industry standards for Structural welding in Canada and around the world, and now employers and welders have access to a local recertification centre through Launch Pad.

“We’re excited to constantly grow our resources to be able to better build and provide pathways for our youth locally,” said Emily Morrison, Executive Director of Launch Pad. “With this new certification opportunity, youth can develop their skills and be certified at Launch Pad.”

Welding programs have been a staple of Launch Pad since their addition in 2017, and continue to be Launch Pad’s most popular skill. Kenny Kilday, a three-year youth welding instructor, was instrumental in helping Launch Pad secure the CWB certification and ran the first testing at Launch Pad.

“These courses introduce them to welding safety and manual welding using the [shielded metal arc welding] and [gas metal arc welding process],” says Kilday. “My hope is they continue learning how to weld to the point of getting a trade job… a future for them to look forward to.”

Launch Pad received a total of $10,000 in donations from the CUSW to enhance the welding shop on site in order to offer CWB certification testing. The donations were received by three branches: $5,000 from the CUSW Education and Training Trust Fund,
$2,500 from the CUSW Bruce Unit and $2,500 from CUSW itself.

“We work together as a community because we believe all people deserve a good quality of life. We want to ensure a stable, prosperous, healthy and democratic future for ourselves and future generations,” said Nathan DeGagne, CUSW committee member. “The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers is a community of workers, employers and other partners leading in this era of social and economic change.”

All three of Launch Pad’s First Time Welding summer programs reached their maximum capacity within a week of the registration announcement. Welding will once again return when Launch Pad announces its fall after-school programs

Launch Pad is an innovative youth centre located in Hanover that empowers Grey Bruce youth. We provide fun and inclusive skill building opportunities to promote career discovery. By working with our community, we lead a team of experienced volunteers to build a variety of skill sets to help our youth succeed.

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