About Us

What is Launch Pad?

Launch Pad is an innovative youth centre located in Hanover that equips youth from across the region with the skills they will require for future employment opportunities. We provide fun and inclusive skill building programs that allow youth to explore their interests, develop their strengths, and learn more about the world of work. Through strong community partnerships, we lead a team of experienced volunteers who help our youth succeed.

We're proud to be home to an industrial commercial kitchen facility, a welding shop, wood shop, and Mac learning lab which allow our programs to come to life.  

Mission Statement

Vision: Ensure that all youth can discover and develop their passions to live the life they imagine.

Mission: To create opportunities for youth to explore their curiosity, discover their interests, and enhance their skills through programs, partnerships, and community engagement.

Values: Innovation. Empowerment. Inclusivity.

Meet the Team

We are commited to making Launch Pad an inclusive, dynamic, and youth-focused environment where every participant is empowered to discover their strengths, interests, and passions.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are volunteers who dedicate their time, skills, and knowledge to guide Launch Pad's future direction. The Board is responsible for developing and monitoring Launch Pad's strategic plan priorities as well as the annual budget.

We are currently recruiting new Board members! 

Board Application

Chair Adam Olivero

Adam Olivero


Secretary Angela Wainscott

Angela Wainscott


Director, Council Representative Susan Sakal

Susan Sakal

Director, Council Representative

Director, Council Representative Brandon Koebel

Brandon Koebel

Director, Council Representative

Director Michelle Eccles

Michelle Eccles


Director Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor


Director, Town Representative April Marshall

April Marshall

Director, Town Representative


Launch Pad Youth Skills & Technology Centre is a regional not-for-profit centre that promotes the positive skill development of youth 12 - 18 years of age. The centre encourages youth to gain the skills they need to become active and contributing members of their communities. We offer a wide range of skills in a fun and creative environment.

In 2005, a methamphetamine crisis began to wreak havoc among youth in Hanover and the surrounding Grey Bruce region. Aside from sport leagues, there was little offered to youth who wanted to learn new skills through creative outlets and new experiences. A community and youth-led committee combating this challenge discovered what youth need to be engaged citizens with confidence in themselves and caring for community members. As a result, Launch Pad opened in 2015, a centre that offers skill development opportunities and provides creative outlets and exploration opportunities to Grey Bruce youth. Since its creation, police departments have seen a significant decrease in negative police interactions with youth. The Town of Hanover Chief of Police has regularly given thanks to Launch Pad for this decrease since its inception.

In addition to tackling the youth drug problem, addressing youth’s desire to learn new skills also coincided with the economic and workforce development goals of the Town of Hanover Council and many other municipalities in Grey Bruce. Our region is experiencing significant “brain drain”—youth leave the area to complete higher education and skills training, and do not return. This leaves a significant gap between the skills needed in our local businesses and the skillsets of residents. The programs that prevent youth from making unhealthy drug choices also address the skills gap challenge that is limiting our region’s economic growth. Since its creation, Launch Pad has provided over 2000 youth with new skills and partnered with over 30 local businesses across the region.

Launch Pad has become an exemplary model of social innovation and is a leader in youth engagement practices and skills training in Grey Bruce. We offer a learning environment that gives participants from various backgrounds and income levels opportunities to learn from each other as well as their instructors. We have successful partnerships across the two counties, and our culture of innovation has received local and provincial attention. While the Town of Hanover remains committed to the success of Launch Pad through continued funding, allowing us to leverage funding opportunities from other levels of government, the time is right for Launch Pad to increase its sustainability through additional revenue streams. Individuals, companies, and organizations across Grey Bruce and beyond have demonstrated their commitment to Launch Pad’s success. It is our hope that you will join them as a philanthropic partner who contributes to the future success of our region by philanthropically investing in the skill development of our current youth and future leaders.

We look to community members, who have an invested interest in supporting our youth and the success of their futures, to be partners in this campaign.


Our Sponsors

Launch Pad has been fortunate to receive community support from all levels of government, various foundations, local employers and community members for specific initiatives that we deliver.